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    Richard Wagner

    Opéra Bastille - from 24 May to 12 June 2022

    Emma Birski / OnP

  • Vincent Pontet / OnP

    [EXTRAIT] PARSIFAL by Richard Wagner (Simon O'Neill, Marina Prudenskaya) [EXTRAIT] PARSIFAL by Richard Wagner

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Opéra Bastille - from 24 May to 12 June 2022


Opera Richard Wagner

Opéra Bastille - from 24 May to 12 June 2022

5h10 with 2 intervals

Language : German

Surtitle : French / English

  • Opening night : 24 May 2022


In few words:

As of the prelude of Parsifal something magical takes place: a musical score with a sacred dimension, infused with esotericism and Buddhist and Christian references to convey a universal message, albeit a cryptic one. How are we to understand a work that we cross like a “forest of symbols”? Drawing on the legend of Percival and the Holy Grail as inspiration for his final opera, Wagner completes his reflexion on the struggle between good and evil and sows the seeds of the virtues of compassion and renunciation. Values which Richard Jones explores by confronting the moral rigour of a dogmatic community with the obscurantism of a deviant scientific ideology. Two worlds opposed to each other in every way other than an irrepressible attraction for illusions.


Amfortas: Priest and guardian of the Grail
Titurel: Amfortas’ father, founder of the community of the Knights of the Grail
Gurnemanz: Ageing knight of the Grail
Parsifal: Young man free from all sin
Klingsor: A malevolent knight, excluded from the community, and a magician
Kundry: Ambiguous character, sometimes serving Klingsor, sometimes serving the knights
Flower-girls: Malevolent women created by Klingsor

  • Opening
  • First part 100 mn
  • Intermission 45 mn
  • Second part 65 mn
  • Intermission 30 mn
  • Third part 70 mn
  • End

Quiz:Wagner vs. Cinema!

3 min


Quiz:Wagner vs. Cinema!


Available in audiodescription



Available in audiodescription



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Audio clips

Parsifal (saison 21/22) - Acte 1 Chœurs (Ver Guter Tat Sich Freut)

Parsifal (saison 21/22) - Acte 2 Falk Struckmann (Klingsor - Ho Ihr Wächter)

Parsifal (saison 21/22) - Acte 2 Filles Fleurs Et Chœurs (Komm Komm Holder Knabe)

Parsifal (saison 21/22) - Acte 2 Marina Prudenskaya (Ihr Kindenschen Buhlen)

About the work

Media coverage

  • Simone Young’s ample and sublime orchestral direction immerses the listener in the intelligence of this daring vision of Wagner’s Bühnenweihfestspiel.

    ResMusica - Jean-Luc Clairet
  • The choirs, prepared by Ching-Lien Wu, are remarkable and rich in nuances, from the suavity of the flower girls to the ample choirs of the knights.

    Première Loge - Patrice Gay
  • Led by Australian conductor Simone Young, the orchestra of the Paris Opera is here at its best, as well as the choirs.

    Causeur - Julien San Frax

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