Public contract

Public contract

Public contract

Legal regulations for the establishment of contracts

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For consultations published after November 2, 2020

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For the establishment of contracts and framework contracts, the Paris Opera, a public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature, entering into the category of a contracting authority in the sense of Article 3 I. 1° of Order N° 2005-649 dated 6 June 2005 ( access this text ) relative to contracts awarded by certain public or private entities not subject to the Public Contract Code (link), has, since 1 May 2007, been subject to the provisions of the said order and related Application Decree N°2005-1742 dated 30 December 2005 ( access this text ).

However, pursuant to Article 3 II. of the Decree of 6 June 2005, the Paris Opera may, for a given contract or framework contract, or for a category of contract or framework contract, decide to apply the rules for bid procurement established by the Public Contract Code.

The regulations applicable by the Paris Opera in terms of contracts and framework contracts and the conditions governing implementation of these regulations were decided at the Establishment's Board of Directors meeting on 12 December 2012. 

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