Licensing programme / Advertising space

Licensing programme / Advertising space

Licensing programme

Advertising space

Provide visibility for your business.
We provide several ways of making your company visible to our 850,000-odd showgoers and 800,000 visitors.

An exceptional opportunity

Contribute to the restoration of the Palais Garnier. A new article in the Heritage Code authorises advertising on the scaffolding used during restoration work for France's Historic Monuments, on the express condition that the sums collected in this way are used to finance the work. The Emperor's Ramp, located on the west façade of the Palais Garnier, is currently being restored, and provides a communication surface for your company.



Over 170,000 performance programmes are sold each season. Audiences keep these reference publications and often look at them. The size of visuals is 164 mm x 240 mm.



The Paris Opera website gets over 8 million visits each year. You can communicate on every page of the site with a large banner (728 x 90 pixels).


Show tickets

You can place advertising on the back of tickets. Throughout a season over 850,000 tickets are sold. Around 35% of these tickets are printed at home by showgoers: an advertising visual of 180 mm x 40 mm is found at the bottom of every page printed.


The annual brochure

The print run for the 2017-2018 season brochure was 170,000. We can send you information on the composition of our readership on request. Please contact us if your company wishes to buy a page or double page of advertising in the brochure for the next season (2018-2019).

Cultural engineering 

The Opéra national de Paris boasts a wide range of artistic and technical know-how, recognised throughout the world. Through its consultancy and training missions, the Opéra assists international institutions wishing to benefit from its expertise, particularly in the field of dance teaching.

A complete and customised cultural engineering offer

The Paris Opera deploys and shares its expertise and know-how in stage engineering, the structuring and organisation of a theatre or arts centre, artistic programming, artistic transmission and training to meet the needs of international cultural players in terms of :

1. Design and organisation, with audit, technical support and planning missions

2. Creation, with training in show production, programming and show staging, as well as the sale of turnkey shows and co-productions.

3. Transmission, with artistic and cultural education missions, masterclasses and professional training.



An expert network

To support your organisation, the Paris Opera can mobilise a network of experts trained internally, including teachers, dancers, technicians, craftsmen, etc.

Partnership with the Teatro Municipal in Santiago de Chile

In April 2023, the Opéra national de Paris signed a partnership agreement with the Teatro Municipal de Santiago de Chile.

As the country's leading opera and choreography company, the Teatro has called on the Opéra's services in order to benefit from its expertise in teaching the French method of classical dance. Carmen Gloria Larenas, director of the Teatro Municipal, hopes this agreement will kick-start the ambitious overhaul of her dance school, which is set to become a benchmark for dance teaching in South America.

Scheduled to run for three years (2023-2025), this partnership has already enabled several hundred students to benefit from the Opera's expertise in classical dance.

Every year, the Opera sends dancers and teachers to Chile to train students and teachers in Santiago. Teachers from Santiago are welcomed back to the Opera's School of Dance for intensive training sessions.

"With this historic long-term agreement with the Opéra national de Paris, we are taking a step forward to improve the quality of dance training and promote the reputation of our talent, both as teachers and as performers. This project has been a long time in the making. The Teatro Municipal de Santiago is very proud to have been able to bring this project to fruition, and I sincerely hope that it will be a great opportunity for all artists and dance professionals on our continent.

Carmen Gloria Larenas, Director of the Teatro Municipal de Santiago

[INTERVIEW] Partenariat avec le Teatro municipal de Santiago du Chili

The partnership with Villa Hegra

Villa Hegra is a Franco-Saudi institution dedicated to arts and culture, born of a bilateral cooperation agreement. A prefiguration programme has been devised ahead of the official opening planned for 2026, including cultural workshops, concert cinemas, music and dance performances, conferences and artists' retreats.

As part of this programme, Villa Hegra invited the Opéra to the Maraya on 17 January 2024 for a concert featuring lyrical artists trained at the Académie de l'Opéra national de Paris and prima ballerina Alice Renavand. The concert was given in the presence of Ludovic Pouille, French Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and Jean-Yves Le Drian, President of AFALULA.

The concert was the first step in a long-term programme of support for the Villa Hegra Opera House, right up to its creation and beyond, in the development of its programming and the implementation of its artistic residencies, particularly in the following areas: operatic and choreographic performances, dance teaching, instrumental and vocal practice, choreographic creations, arts and crafts and artistic and cultural education.

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