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Each season, the support of our donors is essential to enabling the Paris National Opera to fulfill its fundamental missions: the creation of new operatic and choreographic performances to enrich our repertoire, the training and transmission of our know-how within the Ballet School and the Academy, the opening up and accessibility to an ever-wider audience, and the promotion and dissemination of our tangible and intangible heritage.


Launched in 2021, the "Mon Opéra Responsable et Engagé" initiative is a reflection on the place of a cultural player like the Paris Opera within the community, and a fundraising campaign to benefit projects that illustrate the institution's fundamental missions.

Whether we're talking about creating new shows, opening up - by ensuring that theaters are accessible to an ever-wider audience - or preserving and passing on - for example, by resolutely committing ourselves to sustainable development - everyone's involvement will help us to build, together and for everyone, the Opera of tomorrow.

Discover the information on our projects listed below. Some of them are already funded by corporate sponsors and major donors, who have been committed to us for many seasons, and we would like to thank them most sincerely.

Creating is the raison d'être of the Opera and the artistic community it brings together. It is the beating heart of its activity, guiding the actions of all its teams. The creative process enables the mobilisation, preservation and enrichment of artistic and technical know-how. It is at the heart of artist training and transmission.
Creating is also a necessity in order to reach out to all audiences, by proposing works of our time, which echo the questions that animate our societies and the diversity of individuals that make them up. Creating today is an imperative for building the repertoire of tomorrow.

If the desire for openness is not new within the institution, the crisis of the covid-19 has highlighted the need for art for everyone and reinforced our conviction: the Opera has to share its performances even better with the greatest number of people and meet all audiences.
Facilitated access to our venues remains a priority: first-time spectators, young people, families and schoolchildren, carers, people with disabilities... We aspire to do more for audiences in their diversity. In parallel, our policy of broadcasting our performances, notably in cinemas, recently enriched by the Opéra Chez Soi (Opera at Home platform), or the Academy's regional tours, are valuable tools for ensuring that the Opera also benefits all those who cannot come to us. To open a window on the Opera, to create a proximity with art, and to make everyone recognise themselves in our proposals, artistic education programmes and awareness-raising from the youngest age, as well as greater diversity in our recruitment of artists, are challenges for the future as a national institution, the Paris Opera has a duty to be the Opera of all and the Opera for all.

Transmission has been at the heart of our institution's project since the creation of the Royal Academies of Dance and Music in the 17th century. Today, we are the custodians of an artistic and architectural heritage, but also of many age-old trades, which we must preserve and enrich in order to pass them on to future generations. Through the production of shows based on the know-how of our costume or set workshops, we participate in the enrichment of a common heritage, the fruits of which extend far beyond the walls of our theatres. It is our responsibility to pay constant attention to the women and men who make this excellence a living heritage every day, whether they are artists or craftsmen, throughout their career or even in preparation for their retraining.
The training programmes and cycles designed within the Opera School of Dance and the Opera Academy ensure this passing of the baton between generations, and contribute to the maintenance and influence of a French school of music, singing and dance. Our institution is also part of a framework that goes beyond its own activity ; like any company and like each of us, it must ask itself the question of its impact on the environment around it, and take a sustainable development path. 

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The Paris Opera welcomes any company that would like to support the opera's projects, organize public-relations events and behind-the-scenes visits or hire venues inside its theatres.


The American Friends of the Paris Opera & Ballet

If you are based in the United States, we invite you to join the American Friends of the Paris Opera & Ballet (AFPOB).


Paris Opera Charter for Patronage, Sponsorship and Space Rental


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