Faust - Opera - Season 21/22 Programming - Opéra national de Paris

  • Opera


    Charles Gounod

    Opéra Bastille - from 28 June to 13 July 2022

    Emma Birski / OnP

  • Charles Duprat / OnP

    [EXTRAIT] FAUST by Charles Gounod (Christian Van Horn) [EXTRAIT] FAUST by Charles Gounod (Christian Van Horn)

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Opéra Bastille - from 28 June to 13 July 2022


Opera Charles Gounod

Opéra Bastille - from 28 June to 13 July 2022

3h50 with 2 intervals

Language : French

Surtitle : French / English

  • Opening night : 28 June 2022


In few words:

“I want a treasure which contains them all! I want youth!” Frustrated by the futile quest for knowledge, the erudite old Faust sells his soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth and the beautiful Marguerite… Reworking the legend popularised by Goethe, Gounod focuses on the love story and elevates the significance of Marguerite’s fall and ultimate salvation. Choosing to lighten the narrative’s philosophical scope allows him to strike a balance between scenes where the supernatural calls for the visually spectacular and others depicting a universe governed by inward actions and feelings. Transposed to the present day, Tobias Kratzer’s Faust reflects on contemporary society’s obsession with eternal youth. His production’s sophisticated scenography oscillates between hyperrealism and magic, between the world of today and the mysterious atmosphere of German romanticism.


Doctor Faust

Siebel: a student
Valentin: Marguerite’s brother
Wagner: a friend of Valentin
Dame Marthe: Marguerite’s neighbour

  • Opening
  • First part 50 mn
  • Intermission 25 mn
  • Second part 55 mn
  • Intermission 20 mn
  • Third part 75 mn
  • End

5 questions about: Faust by Gounod

3 min


5 questions about: Faust by Gounod


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Audio clips

Faust (saison 21/22) - Acte 5, Orchestre et Choeur - Final

Faust(saison 21/22) - Acte 4, "Ce Qui Doit Arriver" (Florian Sempey)

Faust (saison 21/22) - Acte 4, Choeur "Quand Du Seigneur Le Jour Luira"

Faust (saison 21/22) - Acte 4, "Versez Vos Chagrins En Mon Âme" (Emily D'Angelo)

About the work

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