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Opera word for word

Opera word for word – Il Trovatore

Literary podcast evoking an opera and a stage director’s vision

By Benoit Maubrey and Marion Mirande 15 February 2021


Giuseppe Verdi’s Il Trovatore in Alex Ollé's production, in the words of Na Castelloza, Charles Baudelaire, Gaston Bachelard, Jean Echenoz.

Copyright :

  • Na Castelloza, Chanson du XIIIe siècle
  • Charles Baudelaire, Bohémiens en voyage, extrait de Les Fleurs du mal, 1857
  • Gaston Bachelard, La Psychanalyse du feu, Éditions Gallimard, 1938
  • Jean Echenoz, 14, Éditions de Minuit, 2012

Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi
The most popular opera of its time and acclaimed since its creation, Il Trovatore single-handedly illustrates the magic of opera. 

Quiz: Verdi and his operas

3 min


Quiz: Verdi and his operas

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