Head in the clouds

Marion Gautier de Charnacé and Antonin Monié rehearse Clouds Inside

By Antony Desvaux 12 November 2020

On the occasion of the production "Créer aujourd'hui", devised by Aurélie Dupont to highlight contemporary creation, young dancer Tess Voelker, hailing from the Nederlands Dans Theater, proposes Clouds Inside, a pas de deux that gives pride of place to dreams and childhood, danced by Marion Gautier de Charnacé and Antonin Monié. Octave magazine interviews the two dancers from the Opera's Ballet to discuss the choreographer, her language and the meaning of Clouds Inside. In this unusual period, they share with us their pleasure of returning to the stage and look back on their rehearsal work. They also talk about the roles they interpret: the meeting between a man-metronome and a woman who lives with her head in the clouds.

Quiz: Ballets and choreographies

3 min


Quiz: Ballets and choreographies

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