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Formerly located on Berthier Boulevard, in storehouses designed by Charles Garnier after the Palais Garnier was inaugurated, the set design construction workshops were then moved into the Bastille Opera in 1989.

Set in a 7,000-square-metre space, the six workshops - carpentry, metalwork, composite materials, sculpture, tapestry and painting - and the design office create the sets for the operas and ballets presented at the Bastille Opera and the Palais Garnier.

All the elements are later assembled on the assembly area, located between the workshops and the stage area. They are then transported to the stage before the rehearsals begin.

The Berthier workshops are still used as a space where some sets are made and a part of the canvas and costumes are stored.

Theaters and Workshops : Set design Workshops

The Design Office


The Composite Materials 




The Berthier workshops

The Berthier workshops were built in 1898 by Charles Garnier and with the help of Gustave Eiffel to welcome the Paris Opera’s set design workshops. They have been listed as Historic Monuments since 1990.

In addition to the making and renovation of sets and the maintenance of the Opera’s heritage, mainly the painted canvases for the Palais Garnier and Bastille Opera, the Berthier Workshops house a storage area for sets and costumes (nearly 60,000 pieces!) as well as a logistics platform.

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