Report from the 10 April 2016

Exhibition presented by the 3e Scène at Landerneau (Finistère)

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About the exhibition:

From April 10 to May 16, 2016

Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc pour la Culture
Aux Capucins
29800 Landerneau  

Exhibition presented by the 3e Scène at the Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc of Landerneau
Exhibition presented by the 3e Scène at the Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc of Landerneau 10 images

Michel-Édouard Leclerc talks about the genesis of the project: "When Matthieu Banvillet informed us that the Paris Opera Ballet was coming to the Quartz-Scène nationale de Brest next May, we all wanted to get involved in so fantastic an event! It also seemed like a wonderful opportunity to take the Fonds Helene & Edouard Leclerc (FHEL) into new territory and inaugurate a spring exhibition with an incredible project that would impact everyone in the region and beyond! Matthieu Banvillet quickly introduced us to Dimitri Chamblas, the Artistic Director of the Paris Opera’s 3e Scène, and together we envisaged an innovative event at Landerneau: the first physical exhibition of the hitherto virtual 3e Scène digital project. It is a genuine gift for the Foundation and its public who are being offered an opportunity to go out and discover the world and the theatre arts."

In September 2015, the Paris Opera launched the 3e Scène, a creative digital forum operating independently alongside the Opéra Bastille and the Palais Garnier. The artists who have been invited to present their works there present the Opera as they experience it and establish a frank, solid, subliminal, long-lasting, open and oneiric relationship with it. These artists can draw on the Opera’s resources, wander its corridors, encounter the many talents within it to discover the theatres, their colours, their histories, players and protagonists, to offer a personal vision to be shared with a new audience: the viewers who log onto the 3e Scène live all over the world, speak every language and appreciate art in all its forms. The 3e Scène has no equal and no precursor. It is a forum where tradition, creativity, and new technologies interconnect and together become synonymous with modernity.

In the spring of 2016, the Fonds Helene & Edouard Leclerc has invited the 3e Scène to Landerneau with the participation of Le Quartz-Scène Nationale de Brest. For the first time, a selection of 12 works from the 3Scène are being presented in a physical space which the curator Dimitri Chamblas and associate curator Amélie Couillaud have designed to serve as a performance space, an exhibition area, a work studio and a cinema. Set against a backdrop that invites movement, visitors will stroll around to discover the films which appeal to them: comfortably installed in front of a giant screen, hidden behind the corner of a wall, or stretched out under a video ceiling, visitors, adults and children alike will be able to make their way through the space, sit down, stretch out, lie down and discover the Paris Opera as they have never seen it before through the various films. At the edge of a valley or at the foot of a hill, they will encounter a dancer at work: every day, two specially-invited guest contemporary dancers will take it in turns to offer a live presentation of their dance and skills and create a connection with the public that goes beyond the usual audience-stage relationship. Here, the visitor will be free to pause and observe.   

Curator: Dimitri Chamblas, Artistic Director of the 3Scène  
Associate curator: Amélie Couillaud
Light creator: Yves Godin
Scenography: Éric Morin
Sound design: Pierre Aviat
Dancers-choreographers: Nuno Bizarro, Volmir Cordeiro, Raphaëlle Delaunay, Olga Dukhovnaya, Alix Eynaudi, Julien Gallée-Ferré, Kerem Gelebek, Emmanuelle Huynh, Christophe Ives, Catherine Legrand, Sylvain Prunenec, Marcela Santander, Betty Tchomanga

Coordination of the live performances: Le Quartz-Scène Nationale de Brest

Discover the 3e Scène productions

  • La grande sortie - Alex Prager

    La grande sortie Alex Prager

  • Patterns of life Julien Prévieux

  • Piano Piano Rob & Maria

  • Étoiles, I see you Wendy Morgan

  • Nephtali Glen Keane

  • Giselle : the Walking Landscape David Luraschi

  • O comme Opéra Loren Denis

  • C'est presque au bout du monde Matthieu Amalric

  • Matching Numbers Xavier Veilhan

  • Intermezzo Carine Brancowitz

  • Je vous emmène Éric Reinhardt

  • Je me souviens Manuela Dalle

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