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A committed Opera

In the unprecedented period we are living through, we wished to question the role of an institution like the Paris Opera.
For us, it is a question of drawing up a project for our institution and defining major orientations to guide our action. To reaffirm its commitment to Create, Reach Out, Preserve and Transmit. This is the path we aim to map out, marked by new pro jects in the months and years to come.
We will only be able to follow it thanks to the mobi lization of our teams, the public and our patrons, all those who love opera, dance and music, but also those who do not know us, or know very little about us, and with whom we hope, more than ever, to initiate a dialogue.

The projects

Discover the information on our projects listed below. Some of them are already funded by corporate sponsors and major donors, who have been committed to us for many seasons, and we would like to thank them most sincerely.

What construction for this approach ?

Our proposals do not call for novelty in principle : among the projects presented to you, some will constitute an evolution or a reinforcement of initiatives already put in place by the Opera. The policy of broadening audiences, supported by programmes such as Dix Mois d'Ecole et d'Opéra, has been part of our mission for many years now. Nevertheless, these initiatives, necessary as they are, are likely to be threatened by the current economic context, whereas they should instead be developed. We therefore feel it is essential to re-emphasise their importance within our institution.
At the same time, we are tackling new dimensions for the institution, which are part of a long-term perspective. These include sustainable development and the diversification of artist recruitment (diversity report to be submitted in January 2021, sustainable development action plan being drawn up).

The role of sponsorship & The campaign

Our ambitions cannot be disconnected from economic reality. In addition to the indispensable support of the public authorities to ensure the institution's sustainability, the implementation of these specific initiatives will depend on the support we are able to gather. To this end, we have decided to launch a fundraising campaign in parallel with this outline, which will last for several years.
We are convinced that everyone, according to their means, is likely to give us a valuable contribution, because the Opera belongs to each of us, even to those who feel distant from it.
We will call on well-known personalities, but distant from the world of Opera, to illustrate the idea that Opera can be everyone's business, and that everyone's commitment, for the benefit of a project that is dear to him is precious. As of October, we will form duets comprising these personalities and an employee or an artist from the Opera, in the image of our slogan: Making your generosity a shared commitment.

How to participate

Share our commitment and support the projects of your choice, among those presented on this page. We will keep you posted with any developments and results achieved related to your projects. This is what we call shared commitment.

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