Tristan und Isolde - Opera - Season 22/23 Programming - Opéra national de Paris

  • Opera

    Tristan und Isolde

    Richard Wagner

    Opéra Bastille - from 17 January to 04 February 2023

    Vincent Pontet / OnP

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Tristan und Isolde

Opéra Bastille - from 17 January to 04 February 2023

Tristan und Isolde

Opera Richard Wagner

Opéra Bastille - from 17 January to 04 February 2023

5h00 with 2 intervals

Language : German

Surtitle : French / English

  • Opening night : 17 Jan. 2023


In few words:

Tristan und Isolde is an immense operatic poem, a song of love and death inspired by the medieval legend of Tristan and Iseult and the passion that Richard Wagner nurtured for Mathilde, the wife of his rich Zurich patron, Otto Wesendonck. In musical terms, the opera marks a turning point in Wagner’s works and indeed in the history of Western music for its audacious harmonies and the way in which the composer overlays different rhythms, thus creating a languishing and endlessly prolonged tension. In this extraordinary production, Peter Sellars calms the heaving emotions of the two protagonists in a setting stripped of all earthly considerations. Detached from the stage, suspended like an altarpiece, Bill Viola’s videos portray the initiatory quest of the lovers to attain their nirvana. The association of these two major artists gives life to a unique and total work of art.

  • Opening
  • First Part 75 mn
  • Interval 45 mn
  • Second Part 75 mn
  • Interval 30 mn
  • Third Part 75 mn
  • End

Tristan and Isolde: the true/false story

3 min


Tristan and Isolde: the true/false story


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Audio clips

Tristan et Isolde (Saison 18/19)- Andreas Schager (Tristan), Martina Serafin (Isolde), Acte II

Tristan et Isolde (Saison 18/19)- René Pape (König Marke), Acte II

Tristan et Isolde (Saison 18/19)- Martina Serafin (Isolde), Acte II

Tristan et Isolde (Saison 18/19) - Martina Serafin (Isolde), Acte III

About the work

Media coverage

  • Un moment d'ivresse esthétique

    Maurice Ulrich, L’Humanité, 17/09/2018
  • C'est une des plus belles œuvres parmi celles données à l'opéra de Paris ces dernières années

    Maurice Ulrich, L’Humanité, 17/09/2018
  • Tristan et Isolde reprennent la Bastille en une triomphale fusion des éléments

    Olyrix; 2018

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