Wozzeck - Opera - Season 21/22 Programming - Opéra national de Paris

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    Alban Berg

    Opéra Bastille - from 07 to 30 March 2022

    Emma Birski / OnP

  • SF Ruth Walz / OnP

    [TRAILER] WOZZECK by Alban Berg [TRAILER] WOZZECK by Alban Berg

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Opéra Bastille - from 07 to 30 March 2022


Opera Alban Berg

Opéra Bastille - from 07 to 30 March 2022

1h35 no interval

Language : German

Surtitle : French / English

  • Pre‑opening for the young : 7 March 2022

    Opening night : 10 March 2022


In few words:

An indispensable piece of modern music and one of the most emblematic of the 20th century, Wozzeck is a dazzling piece. Adapting Georg Büchner’s play, Alban Berg managed to capture the social and psychological violence roiling the soldier Franz Wozzeck, with a force and precision rarely attained in opera. Browbeaten by the captain, exploited by the doctor, deceived by Marie, Wozzeck leads us to reflect on the most tragic effects of madness both on a isolated individual and on a group. This expressionist world blends just as strikingly into the staging of William Kentridge, one of the major visual artists of the contemporary scene. His drawings and videos appear to us like projections of Wozzeck’s imagination, exposing the horror of the First World War.


Wozzeck: A psychologically fragile soldier exposed to persecution by his superiors
The Captain: The Captain of the garrison who enjoys humiliating Wozzeck
The Doctor: A sadistic tormentor who subjects Wozzeck to absurd experiments
Marie: Wozzeck’s mistress, with whom he has a child
The Drum-Major: A conceited fop who manages to seduce Marie
Andres: Wozzeck’s barrack-room friend
Margret: Marie’s neighbour

  • Opening
  • First part 95 mn
  • End


Available in audiodescription



Available in audiodescription



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Audio clips

Wozzeck (saison 21/22) - Acte 1 (Falk Struckmann, Johan Reuter)

Wozzeck (saison 21/22) - Acte 1 (Eva‑Maria Westbroek)

Wozzeck (saison 21/22) - Acte 1(Eva‑Maria Westbroek, Johan Reuter)

Wozzeck (saison 21/22) - Acte 2 (Gerhard Siegel, Falk Struckmann, Johan Reuter)

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