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Le Trouvère

Opéra Bastille - from 20 June to 14 July 2018

Le Trouvère

Opera Giuseppe Verdi

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Opéra Bastille - from 20 June to 14 July 2018

2h45 with 1 interval

Language : Italian

Surtitle : French / English

  • Opening night : 20 June 2018


In few words:

The sky is their roof, their country the world.- Azucena, Acte III, Scène 4

How does one approach Il Trovatore – the most popular opera of its day and a swashbuckling tale of love and death over which looms a gypsy’s curse – without singeing one’s wings in the flames of its flamboyantly extravagant plot? For this work sums up the magic of opera, the way in which a dense and complex libretto abounding in dramatic twists can be transcended by the vertiginous beauty of a vocal line. And by the coherence of the production too: Àlex Ollé transposes the drama to a furious war that sets brother against brother: suddenly night, castles, soldiers, eternal hatred and the stake all become realities.


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In audiodescription



Audio clips

Podcast | Le Trouvère - Giuseppe Verdi

Il Trovatore (saison 17/18) - Leonora (Jennifer Rowley)

Il Trovatore (saison 17/18)- Manrico (Yusif Eyvasov)

Il Trovatore (saison 17/18) - Acte II (les Choeurs)

Media coverage

  • Le metteur en scène en a fait une œuvre évidente et d’une dense humanité, respectueuse des intentions du compositeur tout en changeant époque et cadre.

    Bruno Serrou, La Croix 15/02/2016
  • Sensacional Trovatore

    Roger Alie, La Vanguardia, 03/02/2016
  • Ce qui rend cette représentation exceptionnelle, c'est l'intensité de l'action théâtrale

    André Tubeuf, Le Point 03/02/2016

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