En Quête on Wozzeck

En Quête #03

By David Christoffel 28 April 2017

© Emilie Brouchon / OnP

Johannes  Martin Kränzle (Wozzeck), Opéra de Paris 2017
Johannes Martin Kränzle (Wozzeck), Opéra de Paris 2017 © Emilie Brouchon / OnP
Wozzeck is running at the Opéra Bastille from April 24 to May 15, 2017. Poet and radio creator David Christoffel wonders about the relationship between music and language in Berg's opera. A casual conversation with the philosopher Julien Labia who directs the collection Music and Philosophy at Editions Delatour. He has published numerous articles and translated The Aesthetics of Music by Carl Dahlhaus (Vrin, 2015) and Alessandro Bertinetto's Thought of Sounds (Delatour, 2017).    

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