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Prix de l'Arop season 2022/2023

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26 March 2024Bleuenn Battistoni nominated Danseuse Étoile de l'Opéra national de Paris 8 April 2024Tous à l'Opéra ! Édition 2024

The Arop 2022/2023 award winners are Inès McIntosh, Clara Mousseigne equally ranked and Antonio Conforti for the ballet Prize and Margarita Polonskaya and Thomas Ricart for the opera Prize.

For the 2022/2023 season, the members decided to award the ballet prizes to Inès McIntosh, sujet during the 22/23 season (and nominated "Première danseuse" during the 23/24 season), for her performance in Le Lac des cygnes (Rudolf Noureev), Clara Mousseigne, sujet, for her performance in Giselle (Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot) and to Antonio Conforti, sujet, for his performance in Mayerling (Kenneth MacMillan).

The opera prizes go to soprano Margarita Polonskaya and tenor Thomas Ricart, who are both in residence at the Paris Opera Academy. They were distinguished for their performances during concerts of the Academy. Margarita Polonskaya has performed the role of Giulia in La Scala di seta, directed by Pascal Neyron at the Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet and the role of the First Lady in The Magic Flute, directed by Robert Carsen at the Opéra Bastille. She will join the Opera Troupe of the Paris Opera in September 2024. Thomas Ricart has performed the role of Dormont in La Scala di seta, at the Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet and the role of Benvolio in Roméo et Juliette, directed by Thomas Jolly at the Opéra Bastille.

Since 1986, AROP awards each season both a young female and a young male dancer from the Corps de Ballet of the Paris Opera Ballet who performed important variations of the repertoire on stage. The ballet prizes are backed for ten years by the generous support of Mrs Jeannine Auber, who wished to encourage new generations of dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet and to pass on her passion for dance, thanks to the legacy she left to AROP.

Since 1998, AROP awards the opera prizes to both a female singer and a male singer from the Paris Opera Academy, based on their performances and concerts during the past season.

AROP – The Friends of the Paris National Opera, supports the Paris Opera projects and promotes emerging artists of the Paris Opera.

Prix Arop Chorégraphique since 1986

  • Season 1985-1986 : Karin Averty and Manuel Legris*
  • Season 1986-1987 : Elisabeth Maurin*, Marie-Claude Pietragalla* and Kader Belarbi*
  • Season 1989-1990 : Delphine Moussin*, Lionel Delanoë and Gil Isoart
  • Season 1992-1993 : Agnès Letestu*, Eric Camillo and José Martinez*
  • Season 1993-1994 : Ghislaine Fallou, Nicolas Le Riche* and Fabien Roques
  • Season 1994-1995 : Aurélie Dupont*, Yann Bridard, Emmanuel Thibault (Prix Spécial Jeune Espoir)
  • Season 1995-1996 : Miteki Kudo and Jean-Guillaume Bart*
  • Season 1996-1997 : Clairemarie Osta* and Stéphane Phavorin
  • Season 1997-1998 : Marie-Agnès Gillot* and Benjamin Pech*
  • Season 1998-1999 : Nathalie Aubin and Yann Saïz
  • Season 1999-2000 : Eleonora Abbagnato* and Hervé Courtain
  • Season 2000-2001 : Fanny Fiat and Emmanuel Thibault
  • Season 2001-2002 : Émilie Cozette* and Hervé Moreau*
  • Season 2002-2003 : Dorothée Gilbert* and Christophe Duquenne
  • Season 2003-2004 : Mathilde Froustey and Stéphane Bullion*
  • Season 2004-2005 : Myriam Ould-Braham and Florian Magnenet
  • Season 2005-2006 : Laura Hecquet* and Jean-Philippe Dury
  • Season 2006-2007 : Sarah Kora Dayanova and Mathias Heymann*
  • Season 2007-2008 : Alice Renavand* and Simon Valastro
  • Season 2008-2009 : Éléonore Guérineau and Josua Hoffalt*
  • Season 2009-2010 : Charline Giezendanner and Marc Moreau*
  • Season 2010-2011 : Héloïse Bourdon-Noury and Fabien Révillion
  • Season 2011-2012 : Charlotte Ranson and François Alu*
  • Season 2012-2013 : Amandine Albisson* and Arthus Raveau
  • Season 2013-2014 : Léonore Baulac* and Allister Madin
  • Season 2014-2015 : Hannah O’Neill* and Hugo Marchand*
  • Season 2015-2016 : Marion Barbeau and Germain Louvet*
  • Season 2016-2017 : Letizia Galloni and Paul Marque*
  • Season 2017-2018 : Bianca Scudamore and Pablo Legasa
  • Season 2018-2019 : Roxane Stojanov and Simon Le Borgne
  • Season 2019-2020 : Camille Bon and Thomas Docquir
  • Season 2020-2021 : Bleuenn Battistoni* and Guillaume Diop*
  • Season 2021-2022 : Hohyun Kang and Andrea Sarri
  • Season 2022-2023 : Inès McIntosh, Clara Mousseigne and Antonio Conforti

* Dancers who have attained the status of Étoile in the Paris Opera Ballet company

Prix Arop Lyrique since 2015

  • Season 2014-2015 : Olga Seliverstova and Pietro di Bianco
  • Season 2015-2016 : Piotr Kumon and Elisabeth Moussous
  • Season 2016-2017 : Pauline Texier and Mikhail Timoshenko
  • Season 2017-2018 : Farrah El Dibany and Maciej Kwasnikowski
  • Season 2018-2019 : Danylo Matviienko and Angélique Boudeville
  • Season 2019-2020 : Marie-Andrée Bouchard-Lesieur and Timothée Varon
  • Season 2020-2021 : Kseniia Proshina and Fernando Escalona
  • Season 2021-2022 : Marine Chagnon and Alejandro Baliñas Vieites
  • Season 2022-2023 : Margarita Polonskaya and Thomas Ricart

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