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Kinoshita Group Co., Ltd. and the Paris Opera are glad to announce the signature of a major partnership

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Since February 2024, Kinoshita Group has joined the Corporate Sponsors Circle of the Paris Opera as a Major Sponsor. Kinoshita Group decided to particularly support the Paris Opera Ballet and its Ballet School. The Paris Opera is delighted with the long-term commitment of this new partner and the interest which the institution arouses in a Japanese company such as Kinoshita Group.

Palais Garnier, la façade principale (sud)
Palais Garnier, la façade principale (sud) © Simon Chaput / OnP

Kinoshita Group

Over the past few decades, Kinoshita Group has been actively involved in supporting cultural and artistic activities of French, European and Japanese institutions. Kinoshita Group believes that the arts have the power to enrich people's hearts and minds and lead society as a whole in a positive direction and is actively involved in supporting artistic and cultural activities.

The Paris Opera Ballet

The Paris Opera Ballet, birthplace of classical dance, has maintained a tradition of excellence for over three centuries, built on the preservation of its repertoire and an openness to new creation. The Ballet is an integral part of the Paris Opera, which welcomes its audiences to the Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille theatres.

The company has 154 dancers, most of them graduates of the Ecole de Danse. The average age - around 25 - makes it one of today's youngest companies.

The Paris Opera Ballet School

From Louis XIV to the present day, the Paris Opera Ballet School has built a worldwide reputation thanks to its outstanding personalities and excellent teaching. For more than 300 years, artistic teaching at the Opéra has been based on direct transmission from master to pupil, a form of teaching that is the guarantor of the French Classical Style and ensures the continued existence of the Ballet.

Today, the school's teaching programme is based on advanced education to the baccalaureate and multi-disciplinary artistic teaching. Ballet classes are complemented by other disciplines: contemporary dance, folklore and baroque dance, character dance, adage, jazz, musical expression, comedy, gymnastics, anatomy, dance history and entertainment law. Dance lessons take place in the afternoons, with the mornings devoted to schoolwork.

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