Yvonne, the rebel

Interview with Dörte Lyssewski

By Konstantinos Aspiotis 02 March 2020

© Vincent Pontet / OnP

Dörte Lyssewski (Yvonne) avec Christophe Gay (Cyprien) et Julien Behr (le prince Philippe, Palais Garnier, 2020

The German actress began her career in Berlin’s prestigious Schaubühne, working with directors who have marked the history of contemporary theatre such as Heiner Müller, Peter Stein, Klaus Michael Grüber and Patrice Chéreau. She has also been a regular collaborator of Luc Bondy, notably creating the title role of Philippe Boesmans’s Yvonne, princesse de Bourgogne at the Paris Opera in 2009. This season, she comes back to the Palais Garnier to interpret this emblematic character of the Polish playwright Witold Gombrowicz. Yvonne is an almost silent role, the portrait of a singular girl, unable to comply with the rules, a provocation. It is also a challenge for the actress, who must find her balance in this environment where drama and comedy blend with the absurd, the grotesque, the cruel.

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