3e Scène

The Paris Opera, haunted manor

Interview with Bertrand Bonello

By Milena Mc Closkey 13 April 2017


The 3e Scène’s latest chapter is signed by a prestigious guest, French filmmaker Bertrand Bonello. Sarah Winchester, opéra fantôme is inspired by the true story of Sarah Winchester, widow to the inventor of the rifles which caused thousands of deaths during America’s Civil War. From this tragic destiny, the director draws the outlines of an opera and ballet whose only existence will reside in its rehearsals: a mental dialogue between Reda Kateb at the Opera Bastille and Marie-Agnès Gillot at the Palais Garnier which ends by a solely interior dance performed by the Étoile. In this crafty and devious twenty-five-minute long film, Bertrand Bonello draws on all the resources of the Paris Opera and notably offers the Chorus a phantasmagorical presence. In this interview, Bertrand Bonello evokes the dramaturgy of the film shaped by opera’s profound heterogeneity and his directing choices. 

Watch"Sarah Winchester, Ghost Opera" by Bertrand Bonello

"Sarah Winchester, Ghost Opera" by Bertrand Bonello (english version)

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