Singing to tell the tale

Interview with Benjamin Bernheim

By Konstantinos Aspiotis 08 March 2021

© Elena Bauer / OnP

Benjamin Bernheim et le metteur en scène, Tobias Kratzer, en répétition de Faust, Opéra Bastille, mars 2021

It's the story of a man who, upon reaching the twilight of his life, wishes for one thing alone: to recapture his youth. He achieves this with the help of the devil and in exchange for his soul. A multi-faceted character, the role of Faust in Charles Gounod's opera of the same name requires the performer to embody disenchanted old age whilst at the same time lending his voice to a romantic and lovestruck young man. Tenor Benjamin Bernheim explains all the vocal subtleties of the score and retraces the great tradition of French singing, without overlooking his special relationship with the Paris Opera.

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Philopera: Facing Death

14 min


Philopera: Facing Death

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