Memories from the future

Félix de Givry and Ugo Bienvenu film L’Entretien for 3e Scène

By Milena Mc Closkey 08 January 2020

L’Entretien is the result of a collaboration between Félix de Givry, actor and director, and Ugo Bienvenu, director and author of graphic novels as part of a carte blanche for the Paris Opera’s 3e Scène. In this short film of anticipation, they imagine a world where the maintenance robots programmed by men survive them. At the Palais Garnier, the robot Mikki projects every night on the stage, at dusk, the mysterious images of a dancer, played by Étoile Amandine Albisson. The young directors achieve a delicate film, testifying to the concern of their generation on the future of memory. In this interview, they evoke the choice of science fiction, the technical challenges of animation as well as the link between dance, beauty and memory.

Watch « L'Entretien » from Félix de Givry and Ugo Bienvenu

L'ENTRETIEN by Ugo Bienvenu & Félix de Givry

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