In the role of a "monster"

Interview with Evelyn Herlitzius on Lear

By Konstantinos Aspiotis 06 December 2019


© Bernd Uhlig / OnP

The German soprano sings the role of Goneril in the production of Lear, currently at the Palais Garnier. Aribert Reimann's opera condenses the story and the characters of Shakespeare's homonymous play to the extreme, creating a black-and-white universe in which each role represents a type of character. Goneril, the eldest daughter of King Lear, plays the role of the "monster", the one who will cause the destruction of the kingdom. A character of rare violence in the opera repertoire, both in her stage presence as in the vocal score. Evelyn Herlitzius speaks to us about her approach of this demanding role, Calixto Bieito’s staging, her training as a singer and the evolution of her career, as well as her relationship to contemporary music. Portrait.

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