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By Octave 25 February 2021


First performed at the Cairo Opera in 1871, Aida draws us into the fantasy of a reconstructed Antiquity. At the heart of the plot, an impossible choice between love and patriotic duty: A captive Ethiopian princess and an Egyptian soldier betray their people, defy a powerful rival and unite until death. Marked by the contrast between a theatrical extravaganza and the transition towards a more intimate, personal drama, Verdi’s score manages to distinguish the inner angst of its protagonists from the imposing historical setting. The work brings together several themes dear to the composer: nostalgia for a lost homeland, deliverance through death, the contrast between a dispiriting present and an idealized elsewhere, the stifling reach of religious and political power, the regulating factors in a world intentionally littered with pitfalls.

Aida (saison 20/21)
Aida (saison 20/21) © Vincent Pontet / OnP

Aida by Giuseppe Verdi
The recording of the new production of Aida will be available from 02/18/2021 to 08/20/2021 on Arte.

5 questions about: Aida

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5 questions about: Aida

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