Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni: a man to kill?

Encounter with Étienne Dupuis

By Cyril Pesenti 03 January 2022


© Charles Duprat / OnP

Il dissoluto punito ossia il Don Giovanni is the complete title of the work created by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo da Ponte. The title seems to perfectly illustrate the intentions of stage director Ivo van Hove: to punish Don Giovanni, a man devoid of all empathy and inclined to destroy the social order. For the first time Étienne Dupuis takes on this sombre yet sublime role.    


L'Opéra chez soi

What is this flame that compels Don Giovanni to seduce, subjugate and conquer women one after the other, with the fervour and cold indifference of a predator securing his prey; to pursue through his conquests some obscure and ever‑elusive objective?

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