A meditative return to the roots

Roxane Stojanov and Florent Melac rehearse After the Rain

By Antony Desvaux 12 July 2021

© Svetlana Loboff / OnP

Florent Melac et Roxane Stojanov dans After the Rain, Palais Garnier, 2021

On the occasion of the Jeunes Danseurs production, Octave magazine meets Roxane Stojanov and Florent Melac. The two "Sujets" from the Opera Ballet tell us how they approached rehearsals for After the Rain, Christopher Wheeldon's "pas de deux" in the neoclassical tradition of Balanchine and Robbins. Evoking in turn the minimalist music of Arvo Pärt, Wheeldon's refined style, and the maturity this ballet requires from the dancers, Roxane Stojanov and Florent Melac share the different ways of perceiving the meaning of this piece: be it a plunge into intimacy, a return to nature, a melancholic bubble or a meditative joy.

Blind test - Dance your holidays

3 min


Blind test - Dance your holidays

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