Keiichiro Shibuya Composer

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Composer, Musician. Born in 1973. BA of Composition, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
In 2002, Shibuya established ATAK, a music label releasing CDs of cutting-edge electro-acoustic works by various artists from all over the world. His representative works are the piano solo album『ATAK015 for maria』, 『ATAK020 THE END』and 『ATAK022 Live in Paris』recording his solo concert in Paris Théâtre du Châtelet etc. And he has produced a lot of music for movies, including『Memories of Origin, Hiroshi Sugimoto』etc. In 2012, he unveiled and staged “THE END”, Miku Hatsune playing the leading role. It is the world’s first vocaloid opera combining imagery and computer music, not starring any human performers. In 2013, “THE END” performance held in Paris Théâtre du Châtelet was sold-out for all three days. After a tour of six cities, Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Aarhus and Abu Dhabi, this performance has requested from all over the world continuously.
In 2016, "Parade for The End of The World" unveiled in Paris is the project to produce a modern version of Parade, collaborated by Satie, Picasso and Cocteau. It has planed for a performing tour.
Up to the present day, he has developed in collaborations with Hiroshi Sugimoto(Artist), Jérémie Bélingard (Étoile in Theatre National de l’Opera de Paris), Takashi Ikegami( Researcher and Professor in the field of complex systems)and Hiroshi Ishiguro(Professor in the field of humanoid robot). Sugimoto and Ishiguro performed in Palais de Tokyo with Shibuya.
Furthermore, He has engaged in cross-cutting collaborations, for example, with Maison, Louis Vuitton, PIGALLE and Ermenegildo Zegna. He has based in Tokyo and Paris, He is planning the latest work, a opera with android singer and human orchestra.

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