Antoine Travert Lighting designer
Season 22/23 Artist


Antoine Travert is a young lighting designer of twenty-nine years old. Fascinated since childhood by the technique of the show, he started in the world of music and then as an apprentice technician at the Brèche in Cherbourg. Very quickly, the new technologies of light attract him, he then decides to specialize. In 2010, he meets Thomas Jolly and the Piccola Familia on the creation of Piscine (no water). Their collaboration continues on the creation of Henry VI, in 2011, where Antoine becomes a lighting assistant. In 2012, he joined the tour Et vous tu m'aimes of the group Brigitte as a lighting assistant. The collaboration with Thomas Jolly continues: Antoine Travert makes the creation of light as well as the tour of the second part of Henry VI in 2013 and 2014, mixing traditional and slave light. He created Richard III in 2015, an innovative show in which light and its automatic machines play a role as much of scenography as of actor. In June 2016, still with Thomas Jolly, he accompanies the students of the stage management section of the Ecole du Théâtre National de Strasbourg for the creation of the exit show Le Radeau de la Méduse. In parallel to his creative activities, he continues to host different companies in theaters and festivals.

Currently in

  • Opéra Bastille
  • from 14 June to 15 July 2023

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