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Report from the 8 July 2020

The collective #ProtègeTonSoignant pays tribute to caregivers with an installation of 500 portraits on the façade of the Bastille Opera house from 10 to 29 July.

1 July 2020THE 3e SCÈNE ON THE WIDE SCREEN: THE FILM "CELLES QUI CHANTENT" IN CINEMAS 17 July 2020It is with great sadness that the Paris Opera has learned of the passing of Zizi Jeanmaire.
The solidarity collective #ProtègeTonSoignant is a multidisciplinary team of doctors, medical professors, entrepreneurs, engineers, developers and artists who have joined together to help the caregivers in France overcome the COVID-19 sanitary crisis.

During three months, they bought and delivered medical equipment to almost 400 care facilities in France (including Corsica and Mayotte) thanks to the donations of over 6800 people, companies and foundations - €7.4 million in total. (To consult the collective’s complete report, click on www.protegetonsoignant.com).
As a tribute to those who have been at the forefront to fight the pandemic, the collective, in cooperation with the Paris Opera, has imagined the installation of 500 portraits of caregivers exposed on the façade of a place symbolizing both culture and French history: the Bastille Opera house, a building designed by architect Carlos Ott. This work will by exposed from 10 to 29 July.

The project was conceived in partnership with Inside Out Project (an international participatory art project initiated by French artist JR): https://www.insideoutproject.net/en
Portraits have been taken by photographers David Hugonot Petit, Adrien Lachappelle and Nathalie Naffzger in a dozen of care facilities in France (Béziers, Nantes, Paris, Colmar, Saint-Denis, Lille, Bobigny…). A special thank you to all the caregivers who have welcomed us with such kindness and emotion.

We will build the world of tomorrow with them

This project couldn’t have been possible without the support and the expertise of: JR, the Paris Opera, JCDecaux, as well as Versant, Metropole, Vangard, the Mairie de Paris, the RATP, the French Centre of National Buildings and TSF. We want to thank all of them warmly.

#ProtegeTonSoignant & JCDecaux
Portraits: Adrien Lachappelle, David Hugonot Petit, Nathalie Naffzger
Artistic Direction: Camille Pajot
Screen animation: Vangard

#ProtegeTonSoignant would like to thank

JR, Marc Azoulay, Maud Malfettes, Charlotte Ranson, Martin Ajdari, Florian Fortin, Elsa Bardol, Albane de Chatellus, Emmanuelle Rodet Alindret et toute l’équipe de l’Opéra National de Paris, Jean-Charles Decaux, Arnaud Poirier, Yves Roquebert, Ronan Leduvehat Stephan Kutniak, Maia Wirgin, L’APHP, Thomas Fansten, Hélène Dantoine Catherine Guillouard, Anaïs Lançon, Michel Garret, Patrick Maurin Aymeric Peniguet de Stoutz, Thomas Pucci, Elodie Grilli, Michel Gomez, Arnaud Grellier, Hubert Sanchez, Laurent Kleindienst, Luc Poullain, Jean-Marc Liot, Georges Dujardin.

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