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Report from the 10 November 2018

Results of the competition to promote the Ballet of the Opéra national of Paris

9 November 2018The death of Jacqueline Moreau, Première Danseuse and teacher at the Paris Opera 16 November 2018The Paris Opera and master shoemaker Merlet renew their partnership with a collection of ultra-light footwear

Artistes femmes

Premières Danseuses

  • Mademoiselle Marion Barbeau
  • Mademoiselle Héloïse Bourdon  


  • Mademoiselle Bianca Scudamore


  • Mademoiselle Victoire Anquetil
  • Mademoiselle Naïs Duboscq 

Artistes hommes

Premier Danseur

  • Monsieur Marc Moreau  


  • Monsieur Axel Magliano
  • Monsieur Antoine Kirscher


  • Monsieur Léo De Busserolles
  • Monsieur Andrea Sarri   

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