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Report from the 16 November 2018

The Paris Opera and master shoemaker Merlet renew their partnership with a collection of ultra-light footwear

10 November 2018Results of the competition to promote the Ballet of the Opéra national of Paris 19 November 2018Paris Opera Academy / Bolshoi Theatre Young artists Programme, Exchange

The Paris Opera is renewing its partnership with the ballet shoe specialist Merlet for a footwear line personified by the Paris Opera Ballet’s Sujet dancer Roxane Stojanov, the brand’s new muse.

Intended for all those who are inspired to dream by dance, the collection bears the Paris Opera’s monogram and applies the same qualities of comfort, lightness and grace that are characteristic of the pointes and demi-pointes worn by the dancers.
Master slipper-maker Gordana Dimitrijevic is the creative force behind the new line, the first autumn-winter models of which are now on sale. The artist, who has designed for some of the most prestigious labels, brings something original to the collection. Each slipper is meticulously crafted in France and hand-sewn with a concern for perfection and quality.

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