Report from the 19 June 2019

On October 4-6, be ready for the Monde Festival on the theme “Imagine”

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For its 6th edition, Le Monde Festival, that will take place between 4-6 October, will showcase a selection of debates, performances and meetings, featuring over a hundred guests invited to discuss about imagination. 

God knows why, but this is a nearly 50-year-old song that inspired the theme of Le Monde Festival’s 6th edition: Imagine, by John Lenon. A hit whose lyrics are always running through our minds, like an unsatisfied desire for utopia. Imagination is not really a thing of our time; and yet, more than ever, we need it.

The editors of the newspaper Le Monde and the festival’s team came up with a line-up of debates, meetings and shows. A creative festival, thanks to an eclectic programme. From economics to science, culture, cuisine, politics and ecology, there is something to fit everyone’s taste… though with an emphasis on contradictory debates and a hint of polemic.
The 6th edition line-up includes Eve Ensler, Russell Banks, José Montalvo, Chantal Loïal, Jean Claude Ameisen, Delphine de Vigan, Enki Bilal, Laurence Boone, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Agnès Buzyn, Aurélie Filippetti, Cynthia Fleury, Arnaud Montebourg, Stanislas Nordey, Anna Göckel, Cédric Villani… not to forget a special, and surely intense, event at the Bouffes du Nord: an “Imagination’s night” that will run during the weekend until dawn, proposing some debates and performances featuring a dozen of guests.
To learn more about it and find the timetable, you can visit the event’s website, and you can already buy your tickets and pass. 

It’s up to you, then! On October 4-6, come and “Imagine” with us at the Bastille Opera, the Bouffes du Nord Theatre and the Beau Regard movie theatre.