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  • Il Trovatore: cast change

    Elena Stikhina has withdrawn from all future dates.
    The role of Leonora will be performed by Jennifer Rowley (cast B)

    Il Trovatore Giuseppe Verdi from 20 June to 14 July 2018 at the Opéra Bastille

  • The Tchaikovsky cycle concerts on Radio Classique

    The Tchaikovsky cycle concerts will be broadcast on Radio Classique as part of a special week:

    Symphonies 1 and 5 on May 21st at 8:30pm
    Symphonies 2 and 4 on May 23rd at 8:30pm
    Symphonies 3 and 6 on May 25th at 8:30pm


  • La Galérie de l'Opéra receive Elizabeth Barféty and Magalie Foutrier

           On Wednesday, April 25 2018 from 2pm onwards, La Galérie de l'Opéra will receive Elizabeth Barféty and Magalie Foutrier author and illustrator of the series "20 alley of dance" to mark the release of the latest volume "La nouvelle".