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Starting a residency programme for conductors inside the Academy.

The aim of this training is to promote equal opportunities for women and men in orchestral conducting by creating two posts for the training of opera conductors with equal recruitment for men and women.
The challenges of training for young conductors :

  • To give the opportunity to conduct and train with renowned conductors.
  • To acquire specific skills in opera conducting which require particular qualities and knowledge, different from those needed for symphonic conducting.
  • To enable the creation of a professional network.
  •  Actively change the mindset of orchestral musicians and the public.

A personalised training pathway will enable the provision of excellent training.  

The project

Since 2015, the Académie has been developing the Paris Opera's training and transmission missions.
Its aim is to make works from the operatic and choreographic heritage accessible to as many people as possible through its Young Audience programme and the various artistic education programmes it runs for a wide audience. At the same time, it contributes to the training and further training of singers, musicians, directors and craftsmen by organising residencies for artists and craftsmen from all over the world and by producing shows, concerts and recitals.
The Academy is now proposing to take a new step by opening its training courses to opera conductors.

The calendar

Until June 2022

Funding and recruitment

September 22 - June 24

Two seasons in residence

June 24

Closing concert

Did you know?

  • The Opera already offers equal training for singers, musicians and directors within its Academy, as well as within the School of Dance.
  • In 2020, women represent only 4% of conductors in France and only one woman is the head of a permanent French orchestra (out of 30).
  • Three shows will be conducted by female conductors during the 2021/2022 season of the Opera.
  • There are already music direction courses specifically for women (Dallas, London, Leeds, Cardiff, Dublin) but none adapted to the musical particularities of the opera genre. Music direction in opera requires particular qualities, notably knowledge of vocality, singing technique, the operatic repertoire etc.

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