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In 2018, the Academy created OpérApprentis, an arts and cultural education program for young adults in the Centre de Formation d'Apprentis (CFA) in Île-de-France. OpérApprentis is a program of discovery of the Opera that revolves around 3 axes: artistic practice, professional meetings and the discovery of lyrical and choreographic shows. Open to more than 500 young adults learning in fields as varied as sales, pastry, mechanics, hairdressing, glassware, jewellery, painting or sewing. The challenges of this program are the development of skills among apprentices that will be useful to them throughout their careers and the opening of their professional prospects.

In collaboration with the educational teams of each institution, artists, choreographers, lyric artists, musicians and directors, set up more than 200 workshops that resonate with the training of apprentices. Dance to increase the awareness of the space and integrate the technical gesture in a greater understanding of the body, singing to learn how to carry the voice and work listening, theatre to know how to adopt the right posture and work as a team.

In addition to these workshops, the Academy is setting up a path to discover the Opera that relies on the 100 professions that constitute the driving forces of the Paris Opera and are directly connected to the training of the apprentices. The meetings with the professionals of the Opera allow these young adults to apprehend their professional gesture in a context of artistic production. Finally, the discovery on the stages of the Palais Garnier and the Opéra Bastille of lyrical and choreographic works, allows each to enrich its own cultural environment.

This season, the Academy adds an inclusive component to OpérApprentis, in partnership with the association Les Ailes Déployées and thus expands its field of action towards an audience weakened by mental and mental disorders in Establishment or Help Services by Work (ESAT).

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