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General terms

General terms of sale - visits

The present terms and conditions apply to individual or volume sales of visit tickets to the Palais Garnier (excluding guided tours), purchased from the Opera. The Paris Opera reserves the right to adapt or modify the present terms and conditions at any moment. The conditions applicable are those in effect on the day of purchase or receipt of the order form. The act of purchase implies complete and irrecoverable agreement with the present terms and conditions.

1. Conditions of visiting the Palais Garnier

These conditions are applicable to all ticket holders, however the ticket is acquired.

The Palais Garnier is open for visits* :

from 10 am to 5 pm ( last admissions at 4.30 pm) from the beginning of September to mid-July

from 10 am to 6 pm (last admissions at 5.30 pm) from mid-July to the beginning of September 

Opening times modified on days of afternoon performances: from 10 am to 1 pm (last admissions at 12.30 pm).
Closed 1st January, 1st may, days of morning performances and special events.

*These times are liable to change: up to date information can be found on the website and at the entrance to the ticket office.

Admission to the Palais Garnier is only possible upon presentation of a valid visiting ticket. Each ticket allows one entrance.

The ticket includes access to the public areas including:

the Library-Museum of the Opera (Bibliothèque Nationale de France), the rotonde des Abonnés and the Bassin de la Pythie, the Grand Staircase, the Grand Foyer and the Avant Foyer, the salon de la Lune and the salon du Soleil, the rotonde du Glacier and its tapestries.
Admission to the auditorium may be restricted or impossible for technical or artistic reasons.

The visit ticket also grants admission to the temporary exhibitions (detailed programme available on the website operadeparis.fr).

Inaccessibility or limited access to one of the public areas are not grounds for reimbursement or exchange.

Photographs or videos taken during the visit may not be used for commercial purposes subject to prosecution.
No ticket holder may sell or distribute any product or article on the premises of the Opera.
Food or drink may not be consumed within the Palais Garnier.
Visitors may be filmed by a system of video-surveillance in accordance with article 10 of Law 9573 of 21/01/1995.

Admission of groups

Groups buying their tickets in advance are obliged to indicate the date of their visit on the order form.

Groups holding pre-booked visit tickets or tickets bought from the ticket desks of the Palais Garnier may visit as long as the group numbers no more than 30 and respects the flow of other visitors. In this case, the group must be led by an interpreter, an approved guide or a teacher leading pupils, unless given express permission by the Paris Opera.

The Paris Opera reserves the right to refuse admission to groups not respecting the number limit and/or the conditions of the visit.

2. Purchasing details

These details apply to visit tickets bought directly from the Paris Opera.

Individual Tickets

Purchase of individual tickets is possible:

At machines at the Palais Garnier. Full price or student/under 25s tickets available

At ticket desks at the Palais Garnier

On the website www.fnac.com via the Paris Opera website. Full price tickets only, according to the conditions in effect on the day of purchase

On the website operadeparis.fr (last quarter 2013)

Pre -purchase of tickets
in volume more than 30 tickets.

These tickets are offered at a special price and are valid for one year starting from their date of issue. They can be used singly or simultaneously by a group, within the 30 person limit.

How to order :

Ticket orders are obligatory and require a minimum of 15 days processing.

The purchaser sends an order form (available for download here) correctly filled in and addressed to the visits department of the Palais Garnier:

By post to the following address:

Opéra national de Paris
Service des visites du Palais Garnier
8 rue Scribe
75009 Paris

By email to the address: visitegarnier@operadeparis.fr

By fax to +33 (1) 40 01 25 40

Incomplete order forms are not accepted by the Paris Opera which will inform the purchaser. The order form signed and dated is considered a firm order and constitutes irrecoverable acceptance which may not be modified. The purchaser must attach payment or have requested a pro forma invoice in order to make the payment, which must be received by the Opera at the latest five working days after receipt of the invoice.
Payment of the order by bank transfer, cheque or purchase order must be received by the Paris Opera within five days at the latest. Purchasers must inform clients of the Palais Garnier’s pricing information and the visiting conditions.

3. Price, payment methods and acquisition of tickets


The prices applicable are those displayed at the ticket desk and published on the website operadeparis.fr.
The Paris Opera maintains right to modify prices.
In the event of a change in prices, the prices applicable are those in effect at the time of reception of the order.

Single tickets

Full price: 10 Euros
Reduced price:6 Euros

Students and under 25s (upon presentation of proof)
Visitors from partner cultural and other organisations (upon presentation of valid identification, see conditions on the website operadeparis.fr)
Holder of a valid Opera card or Opera subscribers’ card
Members of school groups over 10 years and their guardians (maximum of one guardian for nine children)


Children under 10 years (guardians at full price)
Disabled people and their helpers (limited to one helper per disabled visitor, additional helpers pay full price)
Job seekers, recipients of social assistance/RSA/other minimum social benefits (upon presentation of proof)
Holders of the Pass’Opéra Jeunes
Holders of the AROP individual subscribers’ card
Holders of the Culture Card
Holders of Tourism Professional Cards (e.g. guides, lecturers…) and French Tourist Offices Cards
Holders of the French National Library Reader’s Card (admission to the reading room of the Museum-Library of the Opera)
Nursery and Elementary School Groups and their guardians with a maximum of one guardian per five children (additional guardians at reduced price)
Schools of Applied Arts as part of a drawing session (necessary prior permission to be requested in writing to Opéra national de Paris - service des visites du Palais Garnier - 8 rue Scribe - 75009 Paris, by email to visitegarnier@operadeparis.fr or by fax on +33 (1) 40 01 25 40)
Ecole du Louvre and Architecture Schools

Pre-purchase of tickets in volume

Minimum of 30 tickets per order required.

Reduced price: 7 Euros.
Works Councils Associations
Tour Operators
Coach drivers
Travel Agencies

Reduced Price: 6 Euros
School Groups (between 10 and 25 years)

Payment Methods

Payment for individual tickets

Cash in Euros (only at ticket desks)

Bank cheque in Euros clearable on a French bank, made out to the “Opéra national de Paris”

Valid bank card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express, JCB) with expiry date and security code.
Payment of tickets pre-booked by correspondence

Bank cheque in Euros clearable on a French bank made out to the “Opéra national de Paris” The amount must be indicated. The Paris Opera will not be held responsible for losses resulting from the omission of this amount on the cheque by the client.

Carte bancaire (Carte bleue, Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard, American Express, JCB) en cours de validité

Valid bank card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express, JCB) with expiry date and security code.
Data relating to the bank card are only kept while the order is being processed.

Bank transfer – ask for bank details from the Visits Department at the Palais Garnier

Purchase order or administrative transfer. Sending a signed order form indicates agreement

Upon receipt of payment, the visits department of the Palais Garnier will process the request within a maximum of 15 days and will contact the purchaser by email.

An order processed in this way may not be modified: tickets are neither returned, reimbursed, nor exchanged by the Paris Opera.

In exceptional circumstances, an unprocessed order may be modified, in this case the buyer must address the request by letter or by email to visitegarnier@operadeparis.fralong with the new reservation form.
No modification is possible after receipt of payment.

In the event of non-receipt of payment by the Paris Opera after five days, the order will be automatically cancelled. In addition, the Paris Opera reserves the right to refuse all orders from a client who has previously contravened the present Terms and Conditions.

Acquisition of tickets

Acquisition of free or reduced price tickets is subject to production of relevant proof.

Individual tickets are:
Issued at the ticket desks of the Palais Garnier or from the automatic ticket machines situated in the entry hall (full price/ under 25s).

Pre-booked tickets purchased by mail order are:
- either issued at the ticket desks of the Palais Garnier ever day (except 1st January, 1st May and special closures) from 10am to 4.30pm, and until 12.30pm on days with a morning performance upon presentation of proof of order.
The purchaser or representative is required to verify the number and condition of the tickets and to sign the document confirming the retrieval of the tickets they have received.
The entire order must be collected. Tickets paid for one week before the date of the visit must be withdrawn at the visit booths of the Palais Garnier.

- or sent by registered post with proof of delivery at a cost of 7.50 Euros.

Any change of postal address must be indicated by email to visitegarnier@operadeparis.fr or by letter to the following address: Opéra national de Paris – Service des visites du Palais Garnier – 8 rue Scribe – 75009 Paris.

TNo sums paid for a ticket will be reimbursed in the event that the ticket is not received due to a change of address that has not been made known to the Opera.
If the tickets have not been received three working days before the date of the visit, the client should contact the visits department of the Palais Garnier. The Paris Opera will not be held responsible for ticket loss, theft or delay.

4. Force majeure

In the event that the Palais Garnier closes and the buyer is not informed at least ten days before the intended date of the visit when this date has been made known to the Paris Opera and when this closure is due to the Paris Opera, excluding cases of force majeure expressly including requisition of the Opera by any public authority for whatever reason, and in the event of a national strike, the face value of the ticket* paid by the client to the Paris Opera will be reimbursed upon request, excluding any other damages or indemnification. The request for reimbursement must be made within a maximum of three months from the date of the visit, sent alongside the intact ticket or tickets and bank details (account information or number of bank card or American Express or JCB with the expiry date.)

* The reimbursement of tickets bought from a third party will be dealt with by this third party.

5. Conditions of ticket use

Tickets may not be exchanged, returned, reimbursed (including in the event of loss or theft, inaccessibility of restricted access of one of the public areas).

6. Claims

All claims must be made in writing to the Paris Opera by registered letter with proof of delivery to the following address: Opéra national de Paris – Service des visites du Palais Garnier – 8 rue Scribe – 75009 Paris. All dates will be attested to by postmark.

General conditions of sale/Palais Garnier visits - liable to modification/ last update 19th June 2013