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"Ten months of school and opera"

A remarkable educational programme

A remarkable partnership between the regional education areas of Paris, Versailles, Créteil and the Paris Opera since 1991, Dix mois d’École et d’Opéra ("Ten months of School and Opera") is a unique programme designed for priority education schoolchildren without easy access to art and culture.
The education teams involved are committed to the project for two years running. Their task is to foster the success of every pupil by developing multidisciplinary courses with substantial artistic and cultural content and based on the world of the Opera.  


To foster equal opportunities, shape future citizens and set each young person on the path to fulfilment through artistic expression and the discovery of live performance.

Actions carried out

A comprehensive education and artistic project including visits to the Opera's four sites, regular meetings with professionals at the Opera, invitations to rehearsals and performances, and hands-on artistic workshops.


Two academic years

A crucial impact

  • More than 15,000 schoolchildren involved in the programme over 20 years
  • 33 classes in the priority education network
  • 1,000 schoolchildren, from the second year of nursery school to vocational training level
  • 2,500 family members participating in the programme
  • 275 teachers involved
  • 3 regional education areas concerned

A project with a new spirit of openness

On the strength of its experience, the Paris Opera wanted to share its expertise and extend the action of the "Ten months of School and Opera" project nationwide for the 2013-2014 season.

  • The classes involved: four classes chosen from the Paris-Créteil-Versailles, Nancy-Metz and Reims regional education areas
  • The course: in commemoration of the First World War centenary, schoolchildren explored a key period in history with a curriculum looking back at the artistic movements and figures of the 1914-1918 period.
  • A production: the course ended with an original production in June 2014, where the four classes performed their own creation in the three partner opera houses: Lorraine Opera (Nancy), Reims Opera and the Opéra Bastille Amphitheatre.

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