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Created more than 300 years ago, located in Nanterre since 1987, the Paris Opera Ballet School is a worldwide reference and the Ambassador of French style. Its vocation is the transmission of the Paris Opera’s heritage, while opening new horizons to its students, with tours, intercultural exchange programs, or joined performances with foreign Ballet Schools.

The Ballet School is involved in many current and future projects. You can help them through:

  • Scholarship programs for the most deserving students,
  • Costumes or decors design and creation for the performances,
  • The dancers’ national or international tours,
  • The building’s renovation works (dance studios, auditorium, intranet…). 

The apprenticeship tax

The Paris Opera Ballet School is authorised to collect the apprenticeship tax under the “dépenses libératoires” category (the part of the apprenticeship tax that companies can freely allocate). Each year, the collected funds help the school to buy new training equipments (tutus, pointe shoes…) and implement ambitious educational projects. 

The Professional Training pole of the Academy accompanies about 40 young artists and art craftspeople each season, coming from all horizons, in developing their expertise. The artists are given the opportunity to present their work throughout the Season via the Paris Opera’s programming, but also at the occasion of national and international tours. 


Opera singers come to the Academy to develop their vocal and stage skills. The numerous opera productions and recitals programmed throughout the year allow them to perform in front of a public audience.  


Stage directors have the opportunity to learn to know the Opera’s unique environment. They follow the process of staging one or two of the season’s productions at close quarters. Organizing a workshop at the end of their internship is one of the training's primary objectives.


The musicians-in-residence participate in rehearsals and performances of the Paris Opera Orchestra’s as extra performers. They also enjoy individual and group working sessions and perform during the Academy’s stage productions. 


Since September 2016, the Academy has been extending the training to art-crafts. Under the responsibility of a tutor, the young craftspeople will be able to complete and strengthen their skills in professional workshops of the Paris Opera (costumes, wigs/make-up, upholstery, carpentry…). 

Le pôle d’éducation artistique de l’Académie rassemble des programmes et des actions pédagogiques qui permettent à des milliers de jeunes chaque année de découvrir le monde de l’Opéra (sa programmation, ses théâtres, ses métiers), d’assister à une représentation souvent pour la toute première fois et d’être initiés à une pratique artistique.


The educational and cultural programme “Dix Mois d’École et d’Opéra” (“Ten Months of School and Opera”), conceived in partnership with the French Ministry of National Education, offers 22 classes the opportunity to build projects around the discovery of ballet and opera for two years. It also proposes a workshop of excellence for two classes: one violin classe and one dance class enjoy art practice on school time for 7 to 8 hours per week.


In partnership with the Île-de-France region, young apprentices from 22 partner schools take part in different artistic workshops during school time organised by artists and the Academy team. Thanks to this programme including visits and meetings with professionals, the apprentices learn complementary knowledges they will be able to use throughout their careers.  

Opéra - Université

The “Opera-universite” programme aims at offering every university student a chance to discover opera and ballet. These customized courses help them to foster an intergenerational.

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