Obligatory health pass presentation

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A safe experience

Let's meet in complete safety

Everything is prepared to welcome you in the best conditions and in compliance with the health regulations in force. With your help, the safety of all will be ensured, so that you can fully enjoy your visit.

In accordance with the decree n°2021-1059 of 7 August 2021, the presentation of a Health Pass for adults and young adults over the age of 18 has become a requirement for accessing culture venues. The Health Pass is in the form of a QR Code, to be imported into your Tousanticovid-carnet application ("scan the QR Code" function), or printed from the Ameli.fr website.    

Access to visits will be authorised if the pass certifies:

  • either complete vaccination: 7 days after the second injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca); 28 days after the injection for single injection vaccines (Janssen); 7 days after the injection for vaccines administered to individuals who have had Covid,
  • or a negative PCR, Antigen test or self-test made under the supervision health professional less than 72 hours old,     
  • or a positive RT-PCR or antigenic test result confirming recovery from Covid, at least 11 days old and less than six months old.

In accordance with governmental decisions, spectators not residing in France are charged €49 for PCR tests and €29 for Antigen tests.

For more information, you can also visit: https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus/pass-sanitaire
Spectators not residing in France will need to carry an official health document.

Scanning the QR code on your application or document will only give us access to your identity and your date of birth, without any other confidential data, the validity of the pass being indicated by the only message displayed on the screen: "valid" or "invalid". No data will be kept, and this system has been validated by the CNIL.

We invite you to make arrangements to arrive early, as pass verification is likely to slightly increase access time to venues, which we will endeavour to limit.

You can rest assured!

Reduced visitor capacity within the authorized number of visitors

Our visitor capacity has been reduced and admission time slots are available every 15 minutes to ensure that your visit takes place in optimal conditions.

Adapted access and circulation conditions

Our reception staff are on hand to guide you throughout your visit to our theatre. In public areas, a distance of 2 metres between each person is required. Lines and signs indicate the distances to be respected. In the toilets, every second washbasin is disabled.
Cloakrooms are closed.

A temperature check

A temperature check is carried out on arrival.
If your temperature is over the required limit, we will unfortunately be unable to grant you access to the Palais Garnier.

A healthy environment

All areas are cleaned regularly. Particular attention is paid to cleaning points of contact and multimedia equipment (active link to audioguides?). Ventilation of the auditorium and public areas is ensured by a fresh air supply.

Hand sanitiser available

Hand sanitiser is available from dispensers at the entrances to our theatres, at the ticket offices and in the public areas.

You can rest assured!

Health safety is everyone's responsibility. We invite you to follow the following recommendations and to respect the safety measures at all times. 

Book your ticket online

In order to simplify your access to the Palais Garnier, tickets for the tour must be booked on our website before your visit. Last entrance to the Palais Garnier: 45 minutes before the theatre closes to visitors.
Make sure you come early!

Wear your mask for the duration of your visit

Wearing a fitted mask (covering nose and mouth) is compulsory in our theatres. Please keep it on at all times: other visitors and our staff will appreciate it.
If you fail to do so, we will unfortunately have to ask you to leave the premises.

Remember to wash your hands regularly

Do not hesitate to use the hand sanitiser provided regularly and to wash your hands when you arrive.

Keep your distance

Please ensure that you always respect the required distance between visitors when moving around and the visitor capacity indicated at certain points along the way

We thank you and wish you a pleasant time at the Opera  

A safe experience - Performances

Everything has been organised to welcome you in the best possible conditions and in compliance with the health regulations in force. With your help, the safety of all will be ensured, so that you can fully enjoy the performance.  


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