Kurt Weill Story - Opera - Season 17/18 Programming - Opéra national de Paris

  • Opera - Production by the Academy

    Kurt Weill Story

    Kurt Weill

    Amphithéâtre Olivier Messiaen - from 17 to 24 March 2018

    Studio J'Adore ce que vous Faîtes !

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Kurt Weill Story

Amphithéâtre Olivier Messiaen - from 17 to 24 March 2018

Kurt Weill Story

Opera - Production by the Academy Kurt Weill

Amphithéâtre Olivier Messiaen - from 17 to 24 March 2018

1h30 no interval


In few words:

On first hearing them, Kurt Weill’s melodies capture the senses and give free reign to the emotions. Tenderness, joy, the spirit of conquest, epicurean pleasure and at the same time jealousy, fear, despair or profound nostalgia. The composer never disguised his desire to touch the listener’s heart or to write for a wide public at the risk of incurring the disdain of the 1920s avant-garde. How should one consider the success of famous tunes like Mack the Knife or Youkali, both so instantly memorable and singable? However, popular does not necessarily mean facile, and the influence of his teacher Ferruccio Busoni and of his senior, Arnold Schönberg, nourished a style that was inventive and demanding for both instruments and voices.

Nothing more was required to bring together the artists of the Paris Opera Academy in Kurt Weill Story, a tale of young talents in the grips of the challenge of an audition. Rivals on stage and in affairs of the heart, but comrades backstage, they take up the fight to conquer the jury and pour heart and soul into the music. The generous, joyful and virtuoso crew of singers, coaches and musicians of the Academy take us on a voyage via arias written for the great Brechtian epics, operas written for Broadway, French chansons and Berlin Theatre Songs coloured by the tribulations of the always surprising Kurt Weill.

Représentations tout public

17 mars 2018 à 20h
21 mars 2018 à 20h
23 mars 2018 à 20h
24 mars 2018 à 20h

Représentations scolaires - Comment réserver ?

19 mars 2018 à 14h
22 mars 2018 à 14h

Les clés du spectacle

8 mars 2018 à 18h

Atelier Kurt Weil Story, ma classe et moi

  • Kurt Weill Story

    Musical theatre

    • Music :

      Kurt Weill

    • Director :

      Mirabelle Ordinaire

    • Responsible for musical :

      Benjamin Laurent

    • Scenography :

      Philippine Ordinaire

    • Costume design :

      Laurianne Scimemi Del Francia

    • Dramaturgy :

      Joël Huthwohl

    • Lighting design :

      Philippe Albaric


Available in audiodescription



Available in audiodescription



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