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Gala de danse Hommage à Patrick Dupond, le 21 février 2023
Gala de danse Hommage à Patrick Dupond, le 21 février 2023 25 images

In homage to Patrick Dupond, who passed away in 2021, the Paris Opera celebrated, during an exceptional dance Gala, the artist who, throughout a dazzling and luminous career, embodied the face of the ballet company on every continent. 

An internationally renowned ballet dancer, Dupond trained at the Opera’s Ballet School, was named Étoile (principal dancer) in 1980, then Director of Dance from 1990 to 1995. Patrick Dupond danced for and inspired the major choreographers of his time.

The traditional Défilé was inspired by that of the Opening season Ballet Gala held in 1990, where Patrick Dupond invited « all the Etoiles that moved the walls of the theatre and the spectators’ hearts in Paris and around the world during those last forty years » to join the procession. 

Marc Moreau then interpreted the title-role of Vaslaw, creation of John Neumeier, a work constructed around Patrick Dupond, which celebrates the memory of another great dancer : Vaslav Nijinsky. Germain Louvet and Hugo Marchand interpreted Maurice Béjart’s Song of a Wayfarer, a moving “pas de deux” that Patrick Dupond danced with his great friend Jean‑Marie Didière as well as with Rudolf Nureyev. Valentine Colasante, Guillaume Diop and Paul Marque ended the performance with Études, choreographed by Harald Lander, a virtuoso synthesis of classical technique. With this ballet, dear to Dupond’s heart, and which he often programmed when he was the company’s director, the Paris Opera pays tribute to this immense figure of dance.

At the end of the performance, nearly 750 guests enjoyed a dinner courtesy of chefs Sven Chartier, Tatiana Levha, Nadia Sammut and Jade Génin, and orchestrated by Marine Bidaud. The Maison de Champagne Taittinger accompanied this exceptional menu.

Organized by the AROP, Association pour le Rayonnement de l'Opéra de Paris, this event raised funds for the benefit of the Opera's activities, thanks to the exceptional support of Rolex, Timepiece of the Paris Opera, of Chanel, Patron of the Paris Opera Ballet and of the Hommage à Patrick Dupond Gala, as well as generous donors from the Honorary Committee, individuals, and corporate donors.

List of personalities present:

Alexander Neef, Director of the Paris Opera
José Martinez, Dance Director of the Paris Opera
Mikhaïl Agrest, Conductor

The Étoile dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet:

Dorothée Gilbert, Ludmila Pagliero, Myriam Ould-Braham, Léonore Baulac, Amandine Albisson, Valentine Colasante, Laura Hecquet

Hugo Marchand, Germain Louvet, Mathieu Ganio, Paul Marque

Former Étoiles participating at the Défilé (by order of nomination, from the most recent to last) :

Mr. François Alu, Mrs. Alice Renavand, Mrs. Eleonora Abbagnato, Mr. Stéphane Bullion, Mr. Karl Paquette, Mrs. Isabelle Ciaravola, Mr. Hervé Moreau, Mrs. Delphine Moussin, Mr. Wilfried Romoli, Mrs. Marie-Agnès Gillot, Mrs. Clairemarie Osta, Mrs. Laëtitia Pujol, Mr. Jean-Guillaume Bart, Mrs. Agnès Letestu, Mr. Nicolas Le Riche, Mrs. Carole Arbo, Mrs. Fanny Gaïda, Mrs. Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Mrs. Elisabeth Maurin , Mr. Manuel Legris, Mr. Laurent Hilaire, Mrs. Isabelle Guérin, Mrs. Françoise Legrée, Mrs. Monique Loudières, Mrs. Elisabeth Platel, Mrs. Claude de Vulpian, Mrs. Florence Clerc, Mrs. Dominique Khalfouni, Mrs. Carolyn Carlson, Mr. Jean Guizerix, Mrs. Claudette Scouarnec, Mr. Georges Piletta, Mrs. Noëlla Pontois, Mrs. Nanon Thibon, Mr. Cyrille Atanassoff, Mrs. Josette Amiel, Mrs. Claude Bessy

And :

Vanessa Paradis, Lyna Khoudri, Xavier Veilhan, Agathe Rousselle, Clara Luciani, Louise Follain, Claire Laffut, Eddy de Pretto, Arnaud Valois, Pierre Hardy, Woodkid, Benjamin Voisin, Vanessa Seward & Bertrand Burgalat, Maria Bernad, Anne Berest & Grégoire Chertok, Alma Jodorowsky & Félix de Givry, Zita Hanrot, Lou Lampros, Whitney Peak, Karidja Touré, Anamaria Vartolomei, Iman Perez, Fotini Peluso, Blanca Li, Olivier Zahm, Alexia Niedzielski, Alexandra Golovanoff, Alizée Gamberini, Pierre Yovanovitch, Lucie Saada, Panayotis Pascot…


Partners of the Paris National Opera

Timepiece of the Paris Opera

Patron of the Paris Opera Ballet 


Aline Foriel-Destezet

Bertrand et Nathalie Ferrier

Denise Littlefield Sobel

Mécène de la programmation lyrique et chorégraphique de l’Opéra

Mécène principal du Ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris


Sébastien Breteau
Pascal Houzelot
Philippe et Karine Journo
Stéphane et Florentine Mulliez-Lescs


Laurent et Caroline C. Colombo
Bernardo Hernández

Honorary Committee
Valérie Bernis
Flavia et Barden N. Gale
Docteur Léone Noëlle Meyer
Alain et Caroline Rauscher
Raoul et Melvina Salomon
Philippe Villin
Julie Albright
Navid Armstrong
Jean-Paul et Liliane-Carol Benoit
Gilbert Bléas et Michel Germain
Alain Bréau
Jamy A. Darjou-Barreau
Tanum Davis Bohen
Thierry Déau
Cyril Germain et Xutong Yang
Sarah et Saam Golshani
Joel Goodrich
Emmanuelle et Marc Henry
Barbara Herrera de Garza
Andrew Martin-Weber et Beejan Land
Bruno et Takako Mousseigne
Diana Ruiz-Picasso
Louis et Agnès Schweitzer
Evelyne Sevin et Pascal Macioce
Florence Toselli-Tanguy
Laura Zeckendorf
Frédérique Cassereau-Barbe
Sébastien Gaudard
Fabienne Kiszelnik
Sophie Lecoq
Bernard Le Masson
Simony Monteiro
Emmanuel et Alix Pradère
Viviana Ronco
Thierry Sueur et Béatrice Thomas
FEDORA - The European Circle of Philanthropists of Opera and Ballet

Young Honorary Committee
Kevin Aumon
Antoine Barbier
Amber Bouabdallah
Christophe Chaminade
Camille Chevalier
Axel Driffort
Marine Drion
Anne-Charlotte Gouesse
Anne-France Laugel
Tu-Oanh Lauson-Phan Dang
Marc Le Bailly
Laurent Lise-Cabasset
Antonin Maigne
Hugo Martin
Cédric Meston
Fabien Rahaingomanana
Léa Rapaport
Arthur Sarfati
Honoré A. Vicidomini-Langlais

Paris Opera Ballet fundraiser Gala 21 February
Made possible with the generous support of Chanel, Patron of the Paris Opera Ballet & Rolex, Timepiece of the Paris Opera.

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