Laura Hecquet Étoile
Ballet of the Opera

© James Bort / OnP


2000 : Enters the Paris Opera Ballet School, after being awarded a first prize at the regional Conservatoire in Paris (CNR).

2002 : Joins the Paris Opera Corps de Ballet. 

2005 : Promoted to "Coryphée".

2006 : Promoted to "Sujet". Receives the AROP Dance award and the Prix du Cercle Carpeaux.

2015 : Promoted to "Première danseuse". 

Following the performance of Swan Lake (Nureyev) in which she dances the role of Odette/Odile for the first time, Laura Hecquet is made an "Étoile" on March 23rd 2015.

As part of the Opera Ballet’s official tours, she has performed in Australia (Sydney, 2013), Quebec (Montreal, 2014), Denmark (Copenhagen, 2015), and Russia (Novosibirsk, 2018).

Currently in

  • Palais Garnier
  • from 06 February to 10 March 2023

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