Online application

Online application

Online application

Applications are open until January 30th at 6.00 pm (GTM+1).

Applications to the Summer School or to the Cross Threads program must be done via the application platform beneath.

Summer School

Cross Threads

Paper or email applications will not be considered. Please follow each step of the application and do not forget any part of the supporting documentation. All of the supporting documentation is compulsory; you will not be able to complete the application if a document is missing. Applications with damaged or non-compliant documentation will be considered after all the other applications and the related students will be informed only at the last moment. The jury will not consider assessing the video if the application is incomplete.

A few guidelines before you apply:

  • Gather all documentation before accessing to the platform
  • Use a computer rather than a mobile phone
  • Please read our FAQ to learn more about the application procedure

Please note that some browsers are not compatible with the registration form. In order to complete registration, you must imperatively be redirected to an online payment platform. This redirection happens after validation of all documents needed for the registration process.

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