Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Choreographer
Season 23/24 Artist

© Johan Jacobs


In 1980, after dance studies at the Mudra school in Brussels and then at the Arts de New York, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, born in1960, created her first piece Asch. Two years later, she made her mark with Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich. In 1983, she choreographed Rosas danst Rosas and founded her own dance company, Rosas, in Brussels. Based on these founding works, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has continued to explore connections between dance and music. She has gathered, with Rosas, a large panel of shows which take on the musical structures and scores from all eras, from early music to contemporary music and folk expressions. Her choreographic style is based on the formal principles of geometry and mathematical models, the study of the natural world and social structures.

Between 1992 and 2007, Rosas was a resident dance company at La Monnaie in Brussels. During this time, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker directed several operas and large productions which has, since, entered the repertoires of companies from all over the world. More recent works feature a simplicity that exposes the essential sources of her style: a space defined by geometry, a balance between a raw simplicity in the movement-generating principles and a rich, complex choreographic organization, a deep connection to the (musical or other) score in her own writing. In 1995, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker founded the P.A.R.T.S.(Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) in Brussels, in association with La Monnaie.

At the Paris Opera: Rain, 2011; Verklärte Nacht, 2015; Die Grosse Fugue, 2015; Quatuor n°4, 2015; Drumming Live, 2017; Così fan tutte, 2017; The Six Brandenburg Concertos, 2019; L'Après-midi d'un faune, 2020

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