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Flowers in December
Flowers in December © Sanja Marusic

The Paris Opera has developed innovative arts education programmes for more than thirty years: “Dix Mois d’Ecole et d’Opéra” (Ten Months of School and Opera), the Little Violins and Dance classes, “L’Opéra pour moi aussi” (Opera for me as well). Each season, more than 25000 children or students have the opportunity to attend ballet and opera performances with support from the teams of the Academy’s educational departments. Every new production relies on a multitude of artistic and technical professions: from musicians and singers, to stagehands, painters and production managers. Through our programmes, schoolchildren and students have a chance to discover the complex reality of the collaborative effort involved in every opera and ballet production. They are able to closely follow the process that goes into creating an opera and a ballet, from its inception to its first stage performance, and to build projects around these experiences.


The future of Opera and Ballet depends on the groundwork laid today. With that in mind, we have designed training programmes for young professionals at the dawn of their careers. Nearly forty artists from all over the world are welcomed in residence to complete their training, to learn and grow alongside the greatest professionals. They are no longer students, but young professionals seeking the opportunity to confront their skills with real working conditions. Singers, pianists, conductors, musicians and stage directors all work together, share common experiences and participate in the Paris Opera's creations. The Academy has also set up a training course for young craftsmen wishing to learn the specific techniques of the Paris Opera's workshops, in professions as varied as: costume making, wig designing, makeup, carpentry, upholstery, composite materials and set design. They have the opportunity to learn from the House's finest professionals working alongside them in their workshops. This type of training is designed to promote transversality between art disciplines.

Artistic Innovation

Stage directors and choreographers from a variety of backgrounds offer the artists in residence a new interpretation of repertoire works leading to original and powerful performances. At the same time, the young artistic craftsmen and craftswomen also take part in these collective reading, writing and performance projects. Thus, in October 2018, the French city of Evian will welcome the artists of the Academy for the “Voix d'Automne” festival, with a performance of Shakespeare, Fragments Nocturnes, a lyric production by Maëlle Dequiedt. The dreamlike dramaturgy imagined by the director will reunite emblematic characters of the English playwright, characters who have inspired great composers, from Bellini and Verdi to Britten. Then, in March 2019, the Culture House of the Seine-Saint-Denis department (MC93) will host Johann Strauss' La Chauve-Souris, directed by Célie Pauthe. This new lyric production will bring together all the artists and artisans residence at the Academy, and will be presented throughout France during Spring 2019.                                     
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