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Your company & the Paris Opera

The Paris Opera welcomes any company that would like to support the Opera's projects, organize public-relations events and behind-the-scenes visits or hire venues inside its theatres.

Behind the curtains of the Paris Opera House

Enjoy these exceptional visits and allow your clients, partners, employees or close friends and family to discover the backstage of two remarkable theaters. 

The Palais Garnier unveils its most secret places such as the “Opera’s lake”, the costume workshops or the mysterious “salle des cabestans”. 

The Opéra Bastille opens the doors to its workshops where sets are created and assembled. The tour then continues to the heart of the theater whose stage machinery and equipment are among the most unique in the world.


Contact us

Directeur du développement et
du mécénat de l’Opéra

Jean-Yves Kaced
01 40 01 17 55

Responsable du Pôle
Entreprises de l’Arop

Albin Gaudaire
01 58 18 65 06

Chargés du mécénat d’entreprises
Alice Barret, Anne-Laure Lenormand, Jonathan Pauthier, Pauline Thonier, Tiphaine du Rostu
01 58 18 35 36
01 40 01 24 33

Responsable des offres de relations publiques
Thomas Astoux

Chargées des Billets Premium
et des visites des coulisses

Ludivine Maury, Philippine Tracol
01 58 18 35 57

Chargée du Club entreprises
Eliette Reisacher
01 58 18 35 40

Responsable de l’Événementiel et
de la Location des espaces publics

Marie Hoffmann
01 40 01 18 61

Responsable des galas
Alison Chekhar

Chargée des galas
Alice Nicolas
01 58 18 65 10

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