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Pierrot Lunaire

Amphithéâtre Bastille - from 07 to 08 December 2017

Pierrot Lunaire

Opera Arnold Schönberg

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Amphithéâtre Bastille - from 07 to 08 December 2017

1h00 no interval


In few words:

Schönberg’s delicate lyrical epic is recounted here through the genre of bunraku, a tradition form of marionette theatre known in Japan for the last three centuries. In a Japanese tea house, Pierrot is in love with Columbine but fears the terrible Cassander who loves her too. They can only love each other in secret. Becoming jealous and violent, Pierrot embarks on a long and terrible descent into hell, where only the moon can illuminate a new path for him.

The programme opens with a video accompanying Hans Eisler’s emblematic work, Fourteen Ways to Describe the Rain, created to underline the musical score and lead the audiences towards the atmosphere of Pierrot Lunaire.

Représentations tout public

8 déc. 2017 à 20h

Représentations scolaires - Comment réserver ?

7 déc. 2017 à 14h
8 déc. 2017 à 14h

Les clés du spectacle

8 déc. 2017 à 19h

Atelier Pierrot lunaire, ma classe et moi

  • Pierrot Lunaire


    • Music :

      Arnold Schönberg

      Hanns Eisler

    • Conductor :

      Takénori Némoto

    • Adaptation :

      Jean-Philippe Desrousseaux

    • Director :

      Jean-Philippe Desrousseaux

    • Costume design :

      Jean-Philippe Desrousseaux

    • Scenography :

      Jean-Philippe Desrousseaux

    • Soft sculpture puppets :

      Petr Řezač

    • Lighting design :

      François-Xavier Guinnepain

    • Video :

      Gabriele Alessandrini

    • Mezzo-soprano :

      • Marie Lenormand

    • Marionnettistes :

      • Antonin Autran

      • Bruno Coulon

      • Jean-Philippe Desrousseaux

      • Gaëlle Trimardeau


Available in audiodescription



Available in audiodescription



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