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Into the Woods

Amphithéâtre Bastille - from 16 to 23 December 2017

Into the Woods

Opera - Young Audiences Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine

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Amphithéâtre Bastille - from 16 to 23 December 2017

1h30 no interval


In few words:

“They had been married for a long time and had not managed to produce a single child”. What if the story began like that? With their humorous inversion of fairytale codes, Stephen Sondheim and James Lepine created a musical both exciting and modern in which the destinies of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack of Beanstalk fame are interwoven and brought to life by a company of young artists. The humanity of the characters with all their weaknesses is revealed through a magic world straight out of a picture book, enriched by video and sound design.

Représentations tout public

16 déc. 2017 à 20h
19 déc. 2017 à 20h
22 déc. 2017 à 20h
23 déc. 2017 à 14h

Représentations scolaires - Comment réserver ?

18 déc. 2017 à 14h
19 déc. 2017 à 14h
21 déc. 2017 à 14h

Les clés du spectacle

11 déc. 2017 à 18h

Atelier Into the Woods, ma classe et moi

Atelier Into the Woods, mes parents et moi

2 déc. 2017 à 10h30

  • Into the Woods

    Musical theatre

    • Music :

      Stephen Sondheim

    • Libretto :

      James Lapine

    • Conductor :

      Scott Alan Prouty

      Nicolas Mathuriau

    • Director :

      Mike Guermyet

    • Choreography :

      Christine Marneffe

    • Scenography :

      Gérard Champlon

    • Video :

      Mike Guermyet

    • Lighting design :

      Gérard Champlon

    • Costume design :

      Rémy Le Dudal


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In audiodescription