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Così fan tutte

Théâtre d’Antibes - from 06 to 08 November 2015

Così fan tutte

Opera Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Théâtre d’Antibes - from 06 to 08 November 2015

3h20 no interval

Language : Italian


In few words:

CosÌ fan tutte opens with a debate between men. Out of that debate a very risky wager is born. “What if I were to prove to you today that, confronted by the temptation of desire, your girlfriends surrender just like all the others?” There are three men and three women on stage. It's a genuine TV reality show! A Temptation Island or a sort of variation on Adam and Eve! But let’s return to our couples. As you know, there are three. One seems to have already played the field, and two, at the beginning of a relationship have still yet to find themselves.The first couple appoint themselves as game master the other two will be the test subjects. This will allow us, after a number of wanderings to follow the protagonists home before they go out to sea. Well, we are in the port city of Naples, after all. Caught in the torment of their faltering certainties after having navigated by sight, our soldiers of love will be obliged to face the fact that when one plays with fire one often gets burned. CosÌ fan tutti (women are all the same).

  • Così fan tutte

    Opera buffa in two acts (1790)

    • Music :

      Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    • Libretto :

      Lorenzo Da Ponte

    • Director :

      Dominique Pitoiset

    • Directoc collaboration :

      Stephen Taylor

    • Costume design :

      Axel Aust

      Camille Pénager

    • Lighting design :

      Christophe Pitoiset

    • Adaptation :

      Muriel Corradini


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Available in audiodescription



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