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Report from the 4 June 2020

The Paris Opera supports blood donation!

19 May 2020Gabriel Bacquier 11 June 2020Stage renovation work at the Paris Opera from July 2020

For the second time, the Paris Opera is opening its doors to the people of Ile-de-France for an exceptional blood drive on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 June 2020!

Building on the success of the first edition in January, the Paris Opera and the Établissement français du sang (French Blood Establishment) are joining forces for a second time by organizing a blood drive at the Opéra Bastille, an ultra-modern building that is a symbol of Parisian culture. The prestigious panoramic foyer will be made available to the people of Ile-de-France for a unique donor experience: donating blood with a breathtaking view of the Place de la Bastille and its surroundings.
In order to reduce waiting time, to benefit from the best welcome and to further reinforce compliance with safety instructions, prior to attending the drive donors are invited to take an appointment on the EFS website.

Access from Place de la Bastille, via the main entrance to the Opera.
All precautionary health measures are implemented at the donation venue, as well as the rule of distance of one metre between each person.
1,700 blood donations are needed every day in the Ile-de-France region to meet patient needs. Mobilizing donors is therefore a daily challenge for the French Blood Establishment.

About EFS

Thanks to blood donation, donors and recipients are at the heart of the sharing economy. The 10,000 employees, doctors, pharmacists, biologists, laboratory technicians, researchers, nurses and collection teams of the French Blood Establishment, in conjunction with thousands of volunteers, are committed to transforming donations into lives, both on a daily basis and in exceptional circumstances, to treat 1 million patients a year. The EFS is the sole civilian blood transfusion operator in France, and its main mission is national self-sufficiency in blood products.
It is also involved in many other activities, such as medical biology analyses, cell and tissue therapy and research. In addition to donation qualification analyses, the EFS laboratories carry out various types of biological, haematological and immunological analyses, essential for transfusions but also for organ, tissue or cell transplants. With more than 500 million procedures performed per year, the EFS is the largest medical biology laboratory in France. The French Blood Establishment is present throughout the country thanks to its 120 sites to be as close as possible to donors and patients and thus provide unparalleled advantages.

French Blood Establishment. Far more than giving blood.

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