Report from the 9 September 2019

The Paris Opera Day on France Musique : Monday, September 16, 2019 – from 7a.m. until midnight.

6 September 2019Stamp on the Paris Opera 2 October 2019Play was awarded the Golden Prague Prize 2019 for Best Life Performance Recording

350 years old and yet younger than ever! From the Jeu de Paume opera hall under Louis XIV’s reign to the Bastille Opera’s opening by François Mitterrand in 1989… The Paris Opera shares key moments of French history and continues to promote the evolution of arts.
On Monday, September 16, France Musique and the Paris Opera join to present a unique radio programme from 7am. until midnight. 

Special broadcasts on France Musique and

  • 7 am. > 9 am.
    Musique Matin by Jean-Baptiste Urbain
    With special guests at 8:35: Stéphane Lissner, Director of the Paris Opera and Elisabeth Platel, Director of the Paris Opera Ballet School.

  • 11 am. > 1 pm.
    Allegretto by Denisa Kerschova
    Dance Director Aurélie Dupont brings us to the backstage of the Paris Opera.

  • 1 pm. > 1:30 pm.
    Musicopolis by Anne-Charlotte Rémond Jean-Fery Rebel, Les Eléments

  • 1:30 pm. > 3 pm.
    Arabesques by François-Xavier Szymczak The Paris Opera great ballets (17th and 18th centuries)

  • 3 pm. > 5 pm.
    Relax! by Lionel Esparza A special Paris Opera programme With Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Ludovic Tézier and Elsa Dreisig (to be confirmed).

  • 5 pm. > 6 pm.
    Le van Beethoven by Aurélie Moreau Quick overview on Fidelio, the only opera ever composed by Beethoven.

  • 6 pm. > 7 pm.
    Open Jazz by Alex Dutilh With Leïla Olivesi, Suite Andamane.

  • 8 pm. > 10:30 pm.
    A “Paris Opera” special evening by Clément Rochefort Philippe Jordan, Musical Director of the Paris Opera.
    Excerpts: Siegfried and The Rhinegold, Wagner – Symphonie n°10, Mahler – The Sea, Debussy – Der Rosenkavalier, Strauss.

  • 11 pm.> midnight
    Les Trésors de France Musique by Françoise Monteil Domaine Privé by Rolf Liebermann, by François Serette (1995), from September 16 to 20.

Discover more: On September 15, 22 and 29 - 9 am.> 11 am.
At the heart of the orchestra by Christian Merlin The great hours of the Paris Opera orchestra. The Paris Opera orchestra and its musicians (2 parts).