Corinne Meyniel Dramatist


After beginning her career as an actress, Corinne Meyniel turned to an academic career to become a teacher-researcher in theatre studies. She teaches dramaturgy, performance analysis and theater history at the university, and has participated in the publication of two anthologies of little-known texts from the 16th and 17th centuries. She keeps a regular contact with the stage by accompanying various amateur practices during ten years. Her knowledge of French baroque theater led her to Brussels where she worked as a dramaturge on the "bloody tragedy" of the students of the RITS (Erasmushogeschool Brussel) and then collaborated with the ensemble Les Dames Galantes (directed by Chloé Sévère) on baroque programs. She met Thomas Jolly in 2014 to discuss biblical references and theological issues in Shakespeare's Henry VI. In 2016, she accompanies the collective Nos années sauvages for its performative event Insurrection. In November, the creation in Caen of Stravinsky's Rake's Progress will mark her first collaboration with David Bobée.

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